What If Ephesians Live in 2024?

Zeus on Jimmy Kimmel Show!

Zeus' jealous wife, Hera, became a nuisance to the beautiful Io, whom Zeus wanted in his marriage program.

         After his 17th attempt, Zeus, who thought he had found the love of his life with Io in Jimmy Kimmel, again faced the obstacle of Hera. Hera learned on the live broadcast that Zeus fell in love with the beautiful Io at first sight in the program. However, Zeus had to turn Io into a cow to protect him from Hera.

         But was that enough for the jealous Hera? NEVER! Hera immediately sent a fly after Io, and poor Io began to travel the world by being tortured by this fly. Unable to endure this torture, Io applied to the European Human Rights. Updates are coming soon!

Apollon At 'The Voice' Contest!

The rivalry between the God of Music Apollon and the God of the Wild Pan, who participated in The Voice contest and was shortlisted, cost Jury Member King Midas a heavy result.

         The jury members were divided into two in the music competition broadcast live all over America. Jury members Mrs. Camila and Mr. While Blake voted for Apollo, the God of Music, Mr. Legend and Mr. Gwen voted for Pan, the God of the Wild. King Midas, who would have determined the winner and presented the program live, announced his final decision and used the game in favor of Pan, the God of the Country. A contest in which the God of Music was not selected as a winner came as a momentary shock, and Apollo was furious. He turned King Midas' ears into donkey ears, saying, "Only donkey ears suit a person who does not understand music," ignoring the audience on the screen. This event resonated throughout the country and left an unforgettable mark for centuries.

The God of The Wisdom Hermes, Bought The Twitter!

SpaceX Space Company Founder Hermes took the spotlight by investing most of his wealth on Twitter. And he defined Twitter as 'the digital city of important issues where people from many different countries and cultures come together and discuss their future.' After this much-talked-about news, Hermes made a bombshell effect by tweeting that he would also buy Coca-Cola!


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