Ephesus Museum

In Ephesus, the archeological artifacts that were dug up between 1867-1905 were transported to the British Museum ; and findings from 1905-1923 were taken to Vienna.  With the founding of the New Turkish Republic, the goverment forbade taking antiques out of the country and required the artifacts that were taken outside the country back to Turkey. In 1964, the Ephesus Museum was founded and the findings from the excavations at Ephesus archeological site and around were put to this museum.

At this charming and well-organised museum, there are not only findings from the ongoing excavations at Ephesus archeological site, but also the artifacts from the Cukurici Mound, the basilica of St John, and the Temple of Artemis. At one of the sections, one can see a wide collection of coins dating back to when money was first used in history. 

The museum of Ephesus, unlike most of other museums, is not designed according to the chronological order but the galleries are filled with artifacts according to a theme. 

1- Sculptures from the fountains

2- Finds from the Terrace Houses


4-Ephesus through the Ages

5-Courtyard with column capitals and tombs

6- Hall of Mother Goddess cult

7- Hall of Ephesus Artemis

8- Hall of Imperial Cult

9-Museum Shop and Cafe

Before visiting these galleries, one should not miss the 3D simulation video of ancient Ephesus where visitors can visualize the setting of the ancient city and may have an idea about how the buildings used to look like.  The video can be watched in three languages; Turkish, English and German and it lasts 10 minutes. The video room is the first room before the fountain statues gallery. 

Some of the most remarkable artifacts in the museum are the Ephesus Artemis statue, Priapos statue, the head of Socrates, the Egyptian priest, the Eros with rabbit and the oldest piece – a stamp- found in Cukurici Mound- dating back to 6200 BC. 

Ephesus Archaeological Museum is located in Selcuk town, across the main minibus terminal. 

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