Private Ephesus Tour

                Regarding traveling abroad, some expertise is essential to plan the trip wisely step by step. Private expertise is about creating an itinerary that suits your needs, preferences and travel budget. If you have never been to your destination, planning a trip can be confusing and time-consuming. What are the must-see attractions? What are the best lodging options for your budget? What about domestic flights and ground transportation? You have countless questions and want to ensure you get precisely what you want from your trip. Once all these points are taken into consideration, your itinerary will be put together by the trip planner according to your wishes.

                In addition, some travellers are curious about history and archaeology, others are curious about local cuisine or other local experiences, and still others are bored with museums and would rather get lost in the local shopping streets. When you join a private tour, you get to decide where you want to go and how much time you want to spend at the sights. With a private tour, you have complete control over your time and can use it freely. Are you interested in local cuisine? You can add a cooking class. Are you interested in local arts and crafts? Add a workshop. Accommodations, meals, activities, sightseeing, etc. They will be completely customized to your needs and desires. This is a much more rewarding experience than a group tour.

                Scheduled group tours have to follow a prearranged program that includes a time limit at each stop. On a private tour, you are not bound by a schedule and can manage your own time. You can take breaks as needed and hike at your own pace. You decide when you want to start the tour and when you want to end it.

                And another important point: you have your own driver and your own vehicle. Since there is no one else on the bus except you, you have the opportunity to talk to your guide about anything you want to know. In a large group, it can be difficult to answer individual questions. On a private tour, you will have the full and undivided attention of your tour guide. A knowledgeable tour guide can tailor the experience to your individual needs and interests.

                Our Private Ephesus tour program contains the Virgin Mary House, Temple of Artemis, St.John Basilica, Seven Sleepers, Isa Bey Mosque, Terrace houses and Sirince Village. But don't forget this is a private tour, whatever you want will happen on your tour. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

                If you plan to visit Ephesus from Kusadasi or Izmir, you can contact us to organize every detail of your private Ephesus tour with a tour guide.

Private Ephesus Tour

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