Nourishment in Ephesus

Eating and drinking habits were different in Roman and Greek time. In Greek time poor people had only onion, garlic and olives with a mixture of milk, water and barley flour which was called Maza but rich ones had fish, pig, goat and calf meat, wine, goat milk, vegetables and fruits beside Maza. Foods were eaten with the fingers. They had only spoon and knife to cut meat into pieces. Before drinking, they mixed wine with water. They left their sandals outside before entering the house. Before beginning to drink wine or eat something they were praying to the Gods.

In Roman time their staple food was a mixture of milk water and red wheat flour which was called Puls. They had mostly onion, garlic and cheese with puls.

Meat such as pork, goat, beef, lamb, pea-cock, mouse, duck and fish were not luxury items and were consumed by the poor in Ephesus. At least they had fifty different dishes were made from pork. They had olive oil to cook their dishes.

Family members had meal at the table while slaves were on the floor or benches. Salt shaker was very important on the table and even poor people had a silver one. Slaves and poor had meal with their fingers. Only rich people had spoon and knife. Before drinking, they mixed wine with honey. They were listening flute or cithara while sipping wine.

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