Tours to Ephesus

Shore Excursions to Ephesus from Cruise Ships in Kusadasi Port

It is possible to have tours to Ephesus from Kusadasi port if you’re visiting Turkey by cruise ships. The distance between Kusadasi and Ephesus is about 20-25 minutes. It is not easy and reasonable to use public transportation from Kusadasi because of the insufficient options. The best way to visit Ephesus from Kusadasi is a private transportation with a driver and a local guide. It is easy to arrange both through local travel agencies.

Tours to Ephesus from hotels in Izmir, Kusadasi or Selcuk:

It is possible to have tours to Ephesus from hotels in Izmir, Kusadasi, or Selcuk. You may either have private transportation with a driver and a guide through local travel agencies or rent a car. Renting a car should be the second option because in Ephesus there’s an upper gate and a lower gate and the quickest walking distance between them is about 30 minutes. If you parked your car at the upper gate, you would first walk down through Ephesus and then go back uphill to the car park. Or if you parked your car at the lower gate, you would first walk through Ephesus uphill and then go back downhill to the car park.

Tours to Ephesus with local guides

This should be a must to have when visiting Ephesus. No matter how many books you’ve read about Ephesus, it is always more enjoyable to visit an ancient site with a local guide who not only has information in history but also culture and daily life in Turkey. It is recommended to arrange guides before your visit through local travel agencies. It would not be easy to find available guides on the day your arrive if you did not pre-book.

Private Ephesus Tour

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