Ephesus Timeline

Before the birth of Christ

5th-3rd millennia Oldest places of settlement in the area around Ephesus.

2nd half of 14th century King Mursilis II. of the Hittites beat Apasa, Myceanaean findings on the Ayasuluk Hill.

11th century Greeks came to Anatolia and called themselves Ionian. Androclus settled in Ephesus where the local peple Carian lived.

9th century Certain existence of the Sanctuary of Artemis.

8th century Cimmerian invasion.

7th century Lydians captured Ephesus.

Around 560 Lydian Croesus gained influence in Ephesus : building of the arcaic shrine of Artemis, new layout of the city in the surrounding area.

Around 550 Democracy introduced to Ephesians by Aristarchus of Athen.

546 The Median general Harpagus took the conrol of this region and Persian supremacy

466 Ephesus joined the Attaic sea alliance.

356 Herostratus burned the Artemis Temple on the very night when Alexander the Great was born.

334 Alexander the Great liberated all Greek cities and gave priviledges to Ephesians building the new temple

319-281 Ephesus changed its ruler several times during the Diadochian wars. The city was renamed as Arsinoeia by King Lysimachus and moved its new side between two mountains.

281 Death of Lysimachus. Ephesus was under the rule of the Seleucids.

133 Attalus III bequeathed his kingdom to Romans. Establishment of the Province of Asia.

89/88 The Ephesians welcomed the king of Pontus, Mithridates VI Eupathor, as savior. 80,000 Romans were killed.

84 L. Cornelius Sulla held a trial of the people guilty in 88 BC.

74 First visit of M. Tullius Cicero to Ephesus.

73 L. Licinius Lucullus governor of Ephesus.

41 Mark Antony entered Ephesus with Cleopatra of Egypt. Arsinoe IV, Cleopatra’s sister, was murdered.

29 The geographer Strabo came in Ephesus.

After the birth of Christ

23 An earthquake shook the city and caused much damage; reconstruction partly with imperial help.

52-55 Paul came to Ephesus two times and gave daily talks in the school [auditorium] of Ty·ran´nus for two years.

82 1st temple guardianship (Neokoros), the Imperial Temple of the Flavian dynasty was erected.

96 The Temple of Domitian was rededicated to Vespasian.

113-114 Emperor Trajan visited Ephesus.

124 Aug. 29th Emperor Hadrian’s first visit to Ephesus.

262 A major earthquake hit Ephesus. The Artemis Temple was destroyed by Goths.

431 The Fourth Ecumenical Council took place in Ephesus. Mary was declared as Theotokos (Mother of God)

Around 530 The pilgrims guide of Theodosius mentioned the Seven Sleepers sanctuary.

In mid 6th century, Justinian built the great basilica of St. John

654/655 Arab attacked.

Around 1300 Aydinogullari, Turkish tribe domination.

Around the 15th century Ottoman Empire.

1863-74 J.T. Wood, the British railway engineer came and dug in Ephesus.

1904-05 D.G Hogarth excavated here on behalf of the British Museum.

1921-22 Austrian Archaeological Institute worked.

1995- Austrian archaeologists have been carrying on with the Turkish team.

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