Ephesus! History, information and pictures of Ephesus Ancient city

Selcuk is the closest modern day town to Ephesus Ancient City. The town has 30.000 residents but is visited by millions of tourists every year for hosting the House of Mother Mary, the Church of St John, the Temple of Artemis, Ephesus and many other historical ruins. 

One can think that the main income of the town would be tourism; however many of the locals are farmers. The town is surrounded by fertile land and figs, peaches, pomegranate and olives are only a few of the products of the area. 

Selcuk is 74km from Izmir and there are alternatives of train and bus transport to the city. From the central minibus station, dolmus (minibus) run frequently to and from Kusadasi. 

Within the town, easiest transportation to or between historical areas is by taxi or private transportation as the local minibuses only follow a certain route that don’t go into to the heart of the ruins. 

Every Saturday a farmers market is set behind the main minibus station. Local vegetables, fruits, clothes and dairy products can be found at this colorful atmosphere. 

Although the town is not the first choice of the tourists to spend the night as the lively town Kusadasi is so close, number of boutique hotels and hostels increase every year in Selcuk town.